Other circumstances which are NOT formally chain-suck

There are other circumstances which are NOT chain-suck as such because the chain is not snagged by the teeth. They might appear to be chain-suck because the chain can also be dragged into the chain-stay causing damage.

These do not occur nearly as commonly as normal chain-suck, although particular equipment on which it does occur might suffer it often until resolved. The circumstances are described as follows :

  • The chain jams in the narrow space between chain-rings, caused by an unduly flexy crank spider and chain-ring assembly, and/or too large a gap between chain-rings.
    [Can be alleviated by filling the gap between problem rings with epoxy filler or any other suitable method, or by narrowing the space between rings, if feasible ; this can prevent the chain getting trapped by the offending space]

  • The chain is thrown off the chain-rings onto the chain-stay by poor derailleur adjustment and then jams between the chain-rings and chain-stay.
    [Resolved by better adjustments]

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